We have more than 500 dogs at our shelter situated near the South Industrial Park, right after the Zollner building. We are in continuos expansion since our inauguration in 2012. We need constant maintenance cause, as we all know dogs love to play, and by this they chew on everything.
Pay us a visit and take one home to provide him with enviroment that he always wanted. On Saturdays we usually have "VOLUNTEERS DAY", so drop by the shelter and give us a hand.

We even have a quarantine

A year after we opened the shelters gates we managed to build a qurantine for the new born puppies and one for the sick and under treatment ones in order to separate them for the rest of the dogs.


You can make a difference by sterilizing your own animal or by making a donation to one of the vets in our city or by making one on our website. Untill now we managed to sterilize more than 700 hundred animals and still counting.


You can donate money for the shelter, food or cleaning products. We constantly need food for the dogs, as well as mettalic buckets for water, belts and collars and medicine for the dogs that ere undergoing treatment. You can pay us a visit as a volunteer. You will help out feeding the dogs and you can pet them as much as you want.


We would like to take this chance to thank everybody that gave us support since the inauguration until now. Thank you for the donations, either monetary or under any other form! We would not have made it this far without you.